A Story of Danger, Romance, and Mystery



A Story of Danger, Romance, and Mystery


A Story that Could Change Everything We’ve Ever Been Told

Five Blue Rings is a story based on a remarkable true-life account of two individuals brought together by an unlikely twist of fate. It is a perfect blend of high adventure, colorful characters, and true love—all woven into a tale of epic proportion.

The story is one of hope and mystery, of good triumphing over evil, with mystical elements that hint at a grand and cosmic shift for our ailing planet. Five Blue Rings challenges many assumptions of reality and life as we believe it to be. It will leave everyone wondering, questioning, and definitely talking. This true story combines the best of the classics, while encompassing space opera, fairy tale, and legend.

A Description of Five Blue Rings

Assemble a cast of colorful characters. Reserve the strongest part for a female. Weave an unpredictable plot that challenges our assumptions of reality. Enact a drama of high adventure on a raging sea. Then, imagine a primordial blue light that mysteriously appears around the planet.


A Jaw-dropping Love Story

The story climaxes with a jaw-dropping love story from a far-distant lifetime, and a global vision as mysterious as it is beautiful. Now, lean back and ponder that this is a true story enacted in our own times.

A Mystical Story of Epic Proportions

What powers of fate wrote it? Where is the hand that picked the actors? Who is the director commanding storms to rise and cease on cue? One must turn to the myths of our ancestors to find such a script. Yet here it is in our hands, a mystical story that possesses the power and proportions of ancient classics.