A Story that Could Change Everything We’ve Ever Been Told

Five Blue Rings is a story based on a remarkable true-life account of two individuals brought together by an unlikely twist of fate. It is a perfect blend of high adventure, colorful characters, and true love—all woven into a tale of epic proportion.

The story is one of hope and mystery, of good triumphing over evil, with mystical elements that hint at a grand and cosmic quickening for our ailing planet. Five Blue Rings challenges many assumptions of reality and life as we believe it to be. It will leave readers wondering, questioning, and definitely talking. This true story combines the best of the classics, while encompassing space opera, fairy tale, and legend.


A Forgotten Planet


The plot spans millennia on a forgotten planet, fated to extinction. Our reluctant and unsuspecting hero is a young woman, born in the rural south of the United States. Little does she know that she carries the seeds of an ancient mission to be brought into this lifetime, an assignment initiated long ago in the faded mists of time. (Just the verbal telling of this story has already left listeners in tears or on their feet cheering.)

Her Life is Different than Most

Anne is a woman who loves family and friends, nature, animals, and art. But her life is not so simple as that. She is inexplicably directed by a mystical, ever-present inner guidance that she’s felt since she was a child. She comes to trust and depend upon this guidance in the many forms it appears. This connection carefully molds her actions and her life, and provides much-needed protection.

Partners Across Lifetimes

As the story unfolds, she is reunited with her counterpart in this mission, her true love who has eluded her throughout lifetimes. Although he has always been there, always been in her life, she could not connect in the way that she must to initiate the mission. Long ago they both agreed to be part of this cosmic assignment—but only when the time was right.

Now, the time has come at last, yet she’s forgotten who she is and why she is here. She’s been discouraged so many times, she believes she has failed and begs to be released from her agreements. Her partner’s role is to help forge a bond she can trust, while bringing much-needed clarity to their mutual destiny. Once the five blue rings have been restored, they will discover an uncommon energy between them. and share a story for which the world is waiting.

Danger on the High Seas

First, however, our hero will have to face one of the most daunting and perilous challenges of her life. Having been duped by an unscrupulous businessman, she stands alone at the helm of a battered, un-seaworthy, 300-foot ship. She must learn to steer this vessel and then fight a desperate struggle in an incredibly violent storm at sea. She attempts to save the lives of those on board, including her five-year-old daughter. Finally, she must handle a suspicious Coast Guard boarding and make sure everyone on the ship is spared their wrath.

Only 48 hours have passed, but what she has learned about the mysteries of life after surviving all this, changes everything—forever.

What is the Mission of the Five Blue Rings?

In this epic adventure, the power of the five blue rings manifested dramatically in the physical. As the story unfolds, the energy from the rings is seen in all its glory as a dazzling blue shaft of light that lingers for hours. The accompanying sound leaves a haunting presence. It is mystifying and astounding, and together the light and sound signify a compelling message of hope for the planet.

Could the transformation that is described in Five Blue Rings be part of the events long foretold by mystics, saints, and prophets? In this story, some of the mystery is revealed, yet there is much left for the reader to discover. The story plants a seed of awareness that can enhance every life it touches. It helps create a shift in the consciousness of the planet. For many people, this story will be a grand adventure worth pursuing.