Anne Archer

Writer. Best-selling author.

Anne Archer has lived an extraordinary life. Writer. Educator. International speaker. Video and film producer. Businesswoman, wife and mother. But more than anything, she has led an adventurous life. She was rescued by dolphins from a shark attack, survived a near-death experience, and had an out-of-body journey that taught her about the true nature of death. However, her extraordinary experiences in 1984 are beyond all of that.

Anne Archer has a Master’s Degree in literature and education and spent over ten years as a high school teacher. She studied Comparative World Religions as a way to begin to understand some of the remarkable things she was experiencing in her own life.


A Timeless Love Story

As Five Blue Rings evolves, we discover that Anne has met her true love.

But their coming together is no ordinary boy-meets-girl experience—it is a timeless love story that promises to transport audiences into breathtaking mysteries.

Five Blue Rings is also a tale of intrigue and drama. It includes a high-seas adventure, deception and danger, and a series of mystical events that defy imagination. Ultimately, this tale has compelling parallels to movies like the fictional Avatar and fictionalized Titanic—only Five Blue Rings is completely true.

Because Five Blue Rings is true, it will inspire readers and compel them to think critically about where the world is headed and how to navigate the future. The unusual nature of this story—and the clear description of remarkable occurrences—assures that it will be a saga that will astound and delight.



Alden Butcher is a writer and award-winning corporate producer. He has over 35 years of experience, serving top Corporate 500 companies across multiple industries in the U.S., Europe, and the South Pacific. He’s worked with celebrities and world leaders, helped promote nonprofits and religious organizations, and produced multi-media events, video, and large productions with tens of thousands of people. 

When Alden and Anne met, they had a startling connection. Over time, it has only become stronger. They are both master storytellers and speakers and love working together. They look forward to sharing Five Blue Rings and the lessons learned with audiences throughout the globe.

“We hope you’ll enjoy what you read here and invite you to participate in this site where we will post updates for the book and film. Thanks for joining us on our ongoing adventures.”  

— Best wishes, Anne & Alden



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