Five Blue Rings (from Chapter 32)

Seeking the purpose behind the appearance of the blue lights, Anne is guided to a spiritual intuitive who she hopes can help her find answers. Spontaneously, she experiences an inner vision of five blue rings of light appearing around the Earth, part of a global vision as mysterious as it is beautiful. An ancient prophecy is revealed to Anne that speaks of transformation and hope for the future of our planet.

I described the scene before me. “Above the planet, there are five glowing blue rings of light. Earth seems small compared to the expansive rings around it. They are encircling the Earth, suspended there and shimmering with their wondrous blue light.”

Suddenly, the rings began to spin so quickly they were hardly visible as separate lights. The spectacle continued to unfold. “The rings are glowing and radiating. It’s becoming more and more intense.”

I was almost hypnotized by their luminosity. The azure light combined many shades of blue that altered as they moved toward the planet. The light was so bright that it was almost painful to watch; yet I could not pull myself away.

The blue rings around the earth began to swirl and expand and grow ever more vivid.

“It’s so magnificent. It feels like the light carries pure joy with it!” I cried.

One of the elders explained carefully: “The light is bringing a higher vibration to the planet. It is a revitalization on every level, and it’s necessary for the Earth’s very existence, as well as the people who inhabit it.”

Tears of happiness filled my eyes. With the back of my hand, I wiped them away. I wanted to know more. What I’d seen was stunning and deeply mysterious. Yet, there was so much more to know.

Then, almost instantly, I found myself propelled out of the experience and hurtling back through time just as quickly as I had come.

(As the experience continued, it answered many questions about my past and revealed intriguing possibilities about the future for us all…)