Hollywood and Five Blue Rings

When Hollywood Came Calling

By Anne Archer

A number of years ago, I was unexpectedly invited to Hollywood to meet with film industry executives. The story they were interested in involved events from 1984-1985. It included life or death on a raging sea, finding the love of my life, and uncovering the truth behind five mysterious blue rings of light. 

I began to share the story of Five Blue Rings in Hollywood. Word spread. Soon, I was invited to visit the major film studios, meeting with producers, executives, and agents. I didn’t even know how this was happening, but things moved quickly. 

All over Hollywood, there was a buzz about the story. The studios were ready to get the ball rolling.  They wanted the manuscript as quickly as possible. 


The Big Offer

One of the top studios made an offer. They wanted both the film and book to be released together—each driving the success of the other.

They would provide support to get the manuscript completed, and said Five Blue Rings was a hit in the making. They were ready to move forward with the writing of the book and screenplay. The project would have a big budget and large-scale promotion.

Non-negotiable Condition

This seemed perfect. But not so fast. The studio had a stipulation and it was non-negotiable. 

Five Blue Rings is a true story but the production company insisted they wanted to release the film as fiction—not even based on a true story. It was to be fiction or nothing. But why?

Hollywood's Concern

Perhaps the world wasn’t ready? Some people believed that this story could create a shift for the planet if released as true. Isn't that a good thing?

Not yet they said. Maybe in a decade. Maybe two. We could release it as fiction, and it would receive top billing—but only as fiction.

With so many of the characters still alive, we’d all have to lie about what we experienced. We’d have to refute the magic and mystery and say there was nothing special happening on our planet in our lifetime—just a fantasy we might wish were true. We had a decision to make. 

Waiting for the World to Change

We could either take the deal as fiction, or wait for the world to change. We knew what we had to do, but the decision was painful.

Could We Deny the Truth?

We couldn’t deny a truth so engaging and powerful. Even though a blockbuster deal was in our hands, we had to decline. 

And though the producer at the studio presented a great offer, he agreed. “The world is changing. Technology is changing and this story needs advances that aren’t yet in place. They’re coming. Just give it a while.”

The Time Will Come

From the moment the story first occurred, it would be years before the manuscript would be completed. Then in 2018, the book practically wrote itself.

What Hollywood Kept Asking

In Hollywood, I kept hearing this question: What does Five Blue Rings mean for the world? I believe the story contains a beautiful global vision for us all. Five Blue Rings is at last completed and we’re excited about its potential.